Depression happens to everyone at different times of their lives.  
Depression can hit after a traumatic event, an illness, or other
overwhelming, stressful times.

Sometimes, depression will lift on its own.  Other times, it goes on and on,
causing people to feel worthless and hopeless.
Depression can cause trouble sleeping, eating, and interfere with
work and relationships.  It can even lead to suicidal thoughts. 
But, depression is treatable with  counseling and medication.
Do you have ANTS?


ANTS are Automatic Negative Thoughts.  You may not even realize you have them, until you stop and pay attention to the stream of thinking in your mind. What kinds of negative automatic thoughts do you have?


Negative thoughts come automatically and are difficult to prevent at first, but you can Recognize them when they come, and Reword them to acknowledge that bad things and situations cannot always be avoided, are not all your fault, and are usually temporary.  Watch these videos to see examples:

SUICIDE HOTLINE 1.800.273.8255

Other Resources:

Wyoming Crisis Line 800.457.9312

Family Crisis Center  800.684.2030

Native American Support Services



Researcher Richard Sieden followed up with 515 people who were saved from committing suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate bridge.  


Years later, 94% of them were still alive, or died from natural causes.  94% of people found hope after suicidal thoughts, and chose to live when given a second chance.

The Tale of Two Wolves